Mañana salimos para el aeropuerto. Ya están los compañeros de la University of Ulster preparados para llevarnos desde Belfast al punto de salida en Malin Head.

El ánimo por todo lo alto !!
Un admirador
7/29/2011 06:47:28

Muy bien enhorabuena !

Armada Taxis
7/31/2011 07:26:03

hey, where is the first day's blog. Have you reached the target destination ok?? The suspense man....!

Donegal Lass (who is partial to Spanish cyclists)
7/31/2011 07:29:24

wow, those guys are real cute! Hope they are not married. Will start shadowing them in my car as they ride along with those sweaty bodies....mmmm!

fellow cyclist
8/1/2011 05:02:36

good luck chaps. Hope to see updated blogs soon...last few legs will be the toughest.


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